How to Create a Custom Envelope Template in Word 2003
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How to Create a Custom Envelope Template in Word 2003
This article is for clients who want to create acustom envelope template in Word 2003 for use with Junxure.
1- In Junxure go to Letters > Create Document Templates
2- Once the template details screen opens up, leave the based on field on "Default Document". Categorize the template and then name the template.
3- Next click on the create template button at the top.
4- Next Junxure will give you a screen that will state that the template has been created and will ask you if you want to edit it now. Choose yes.
5- Once the newly created template opens in Word 2003, choose go to the top menu bar and choose Tools > Letters and Mailings  > Mail Merge
6- Once the mailmerge wizard opens on the right of the screen, choose the "Previous" option at the bottom 2 times until you get to step 1
Once on Step One of the Mail Merge Tool, choose "Envelopes"
Now Click "Next" at the bottom
On Step 2 you will now see "Envelope Options"
Once you click on "Envelope Options, you will get the following screen.
Choose the envelope size that you are looking for and then click OK
Click OK to this message. and you will be taken back to Word and you will see that you are in a envelope format now.
Click the center of the template and you will see a text box around the Addrress area of the template.
Now click the "Insert Merge Field"  button at the top.
Once you click on "Insert Merge field" then choose the field "MailAdd" which will be the contacts primary mail address in Junxure. Seect the field and then click "Insert" Then click "Close"
After you close that screen you will see the merge field in the text box. Now you can close the Mail merge bar on the right and then save the document template.
At this point if you desire to change the font of the text you can. Always be sure to test the font out by clicking ont he ABC button on the toolbar at the top.
You can now use this custom Envelope template with the letter wizard in Junxure.
For information on setting up this custom envelope template for use on the contact record, check the link below.